Kingman, Arizona

Kingman, Arizona is the closest place to go for, well...everything. That's where the supermarkets are, along with gas stations, banks, hair salons, car washes, restaurants, fast food and pizza places. Kingman has a Walmart, KMart and Home Depot. Kingman also has the legendary 'Route 66' running through town. You know the song...Get Your Kicks on Route 66! I'll be taking pictures along Route 66 and when I do I'll post them here. The 2 photos below were taken on Stockton Hill Road at approximately the halfway point between my house and Kingman, AZ.
I have friends who live in Dolan Springs (that's why I moved here), they've lived here for many years and know all the good places to go. So, they took me to a wonderful restaurant in Kingman. It takes a while to get there because it's at the top of Hualapai Mountain and it's a narrow winding road up. The Hualapai Mountain Resort is certainly worth the trip. Below is a picture of the restaurant and of the elk that greeted us when we got out of the car!

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