Animals in the Yard

New Kid on the Block...
This little calf can't be more than a day or two old. He/she is still wobbly and adorable. The black one appears to be the Mama, but the whole herd circles and watches the little baby. These pictures were taken by my neighbor right outside her fence.
The little calf surrounded by family

A private moment with Mom

Two little owls sitting in a Joshua tree!
Beep Beep. At last I saw a Roadrunner!!!

I can only imagine what this little ground squirrel was thinking as he is gazing at the close and yet so far!
I finally got a picture of an owl. There are a few of them that come around the yard, I can hear them but never can see them. On this day, I got out of my car and there it was, looking right at me!
These two little cottontails visit with me everyday at 7 a.m. then again at 6 p.m. I usually give them something to eat. They kick up a lot of dust chasing each other!

The jackrabbit doesn't come around too often, but I managed to get him on the move!     

Cows are getting really close!! I was relaxing on the deck when the cows strolled up.

We have these cute little ground squirrels running around here. They're not much bigger than a mouse but they have the tail of a squirrel. They are called ground squirrels because they live in the ground, not in trees. Don't be fooled by their cuteness though...they can do a lot of damage if they get in your house!


  1. Too much fun that the cows come right up to your deck to visit with you! Great that you captured the owl looking at you.

    1. Oh I love all the animals that stop by for a visit! The owl stayed in that position for a long time making it easy for me to take several pictures.

  2. I used to have a cafe there called The Dahl House. I remember when I first moved there a big steer kept stumbling on the front steps. I also remember the Ranch Club and they had a pool and the horses and cows would fall in it trying to get water. I also worked at Mel's Diner which was attatched to The Wishing Well Saloon.

  3. So very peaceful... <3


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