Sunday, July 17, 2016

American Bandstand - Dolan Springs Other Claim to Fame

Okay this dates back to the 1950's so some of you might not get it but I 'll give you a little background. American Bandstand was a popular TV show hosted by the legendary master of ceremonies, Dick Clark. Broadcast from a studio in Philadelphia, PA it featured local teenagers dancing to music of the day, and each day a live performance by one of the current musical heartthrobs.
There were a few couples who were on the show everyday, for instance Bob and Justine. I was about 9 or 10 years old watching teenage Justine dancing and I thought she was so pretty and wore the keenest clothes. Her dance partner Bob was absolutely dreamy!
Fast forward to 2016 in Dolan Springs, AZ. This is where Justine lives and works as a real estate agent.

 Bob and Justine

Photo captured from YouTube video below

 Justine today


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  1. Well I was older than you when Bandstand and Justine and Bob were on, but I still liked it. Loved watching the couples dance, and thought Bob and Justine were the coolest of all.It was certainly a fun time. Nice to know about Justine in realty. If I ever buy in Dolan Springs, I'll sure contact her. :D


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