Friday, March 7, 2014

Places to Eat

We don't have too many places to eat in Dolan. For dining out we can go to Kingman, Arizona or Las Vegas, Nevada. But here in town we have The Wishing Well and the Canyon Cafe. As you can see from the photo, the Wishing Well is "The Only Saloon in Town"!


  1. The best place for food-service and low prices is the WISHING WELL -Tami gives you the best service --they also help out with the parades and does a great job anything for the town kids,Iam proud of her and her husband Mike f the fire dept . Stop in say hi and eat a little bit .

  2. No more wishing well. You can See Tami's smiling face @ Dolan Station now. MORE EAT PLACES WITH FRESHLY MADE ...DELICIOUS MEALS...Dolan Springs Town Hall on Friday nights/4:30pm before BINGO!...Dolan Station....D & D Grocery Store Deli...American Legion..VFW...Some NEW place ...can't say yet. We do have nice Comfort Stops for those who Bring Coolers with Picnics. Stop next to the Pink Church for the BEST Photo Opportunities too! Thanks, again, Candy for Sharing our Great Area!CA


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